Common Diabetes Warning Signs

Type 2 diabetes has become an increasing health problem that is affecting more and more people. There are certain warning signs that may put some people at a bigger risk of developing the said disease. Here are some of the more common warning signs to be aware of.


Obesity is one of the more common warning signs for diabetes. Even just 10 to 15 pounds that is over one’s normal weight can increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The earlier one becomes overweight, the higher the risk. On a good note, losing 5 to 7 percent of one’s body weight can also lessen the risk of diabetes.

Blurry Vision

Having high blood sugar levels can also affect the eyes and cause blurry vision. Blood sugar can accumulate on the lens of the eye, making it more difficult to focus. Having blurry vision is also a warning sign for possible diabetes.

Mysterious Weight Loss

If you experience losing weight even when you are not dieting or exercising, then there must be something happening in your body. It may possibly be linked to diabetes. Losing weight for no apparent reason is a common sign for type 1 diabetes and also sometimes seen in people with type 2 diabetes. When the body does not produce insulin, the glucose in the blood can no longer be converted into energy for use by the cells in the body. In the process, the body turns to body fat for energy and it starts to break down, making you lose weight.

Frequent Urination

If you suddenly become aware that you are making more and more frequent trips to the bathroom, it may be a possible warning sign of diabetes. When the body no longer produces enough insulin, the glucose in the blood is excreted out of the system through urine. This can cause diabetics to urinate a lot and, as a result, also feel thirstier and drink water more than usual.

If you see these signs happening to you, you might already be a diabetic. Take heed of the warning signs early to be able to address the condition as early as possible. You should also consult with your physician to make sure and confirm if it is really diabetes.


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