Scientists Recommend Low Carbohydrate Diet For Diabetics

shutterstock_114833539Diabetics need to effectively manage blood sugar levels in order to avoid the effects of the said disease. This can be done through diet and exercise. Diet plays a major role on how people with diabetes may be able to control the disease. A recent study suggests that low carbohydrate diets are the ideal diet for managing Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

According to researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and other institutions, people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes should try to follow a low carbohydrate diet. The study involved a consortium of 26 doctors and nutrition experts that provided 12 points of evidence to show why a low carb diet should be considered as the first line of attack in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. They are:

  • High blood sugar is a common feature of diabetes. Restricting dietary carbohydrate intake provides the best means to decrease blood sugar levels.
  • In obesity and Type 2 diabetes epidemics, experts agree that the increase in caloric consumption is due to an increased intake of carbohydrates.
  • The benefits offered by a low carbohydrate diet does not require weight loss.
  • A low carb diet provides a better option for weight loss, although it is not necessary to enjoy the benefits for diabetes treatment.
  • Sticking to a low card diet among people with Type 2 diabetes is just as good as how people stick to other types of diets.
  • Replacing carbohydrates with protein is generally more beneficial.
  • Dietary saturated and total fats are not associated with cardiovascular disease risk.
  • Limiting intake of carbohydrates is known to be the most effective way of increasing high-density lipoprotein levels and in reducing serum triglycerides.
  • Dietary carbohydrates are more associated with controlling plasma-saturated fatty acids than by dietary lipids.
  • Glycemic control (HbA1c) is known to be the best predictor of microvascular as well as macrovascular complications found in patients with Type 2 diabetes.
  • Type 2 diabetes patients placed on carbohydrate restricted diets usually reduce or often cease taking medication. Those with Type 1 diabetes usually use less insulin.
  • Reducing blood sugar levels through a low carb diet show no side effects that may be compared to the effects of intensive treatment using medicines to achieve the same means.

The said study and findings were accepted for publication in the journal Nutrition. It is also available for reading on its website.

Source: University of Alabama at Birmingham. (2014, July 24). Low-carb diet recommended for diabetics. ScienceDaily. Retrieved July 31, 2014 from


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