What Is Humalog Insulin?

If you’re a diabetic who’s taking insulin, you might be well aware of the fact that taking it becomes such a hassle. Injecting oneself with regular insulin essentially reminds you constantly that you are a diabetic because you would normally need to take it around 30 to 45 minutes before chowing down on your meal. That type of maintenance already has an alternative. For the diabetic who wants to have much more flexibility in taking insulin, there is an answer. Enter Humalog insulin.

What is humalog insuline?

Humalog is a new faster-acting type of insulin that enables the person to be more flexible when it comes to maintaining his blood sugar levels. This type of insulin is a better version of the enzyme simply because there is a quicker reaction time for Humalog to start taking effect compared to regular insulin. It also features a higher peak activity as well as a shorter working time. There are testimonies that already confirm that they have already noticed the improved effects and they noticeably feel better now.

Apparently, Humalog insulin has become a very good measuring stick by which all other medicines for diabetics are measured. The speed and the effectiveness with which it works is astounding.

How humalog insuline work?

Humalog will allow you to simply stop worrying about thinking in advance when it comes to eating. Normal regular insulin would require that you take it around half an hour before you start eating. With Humalog, it only requires that you take it 10 minutes before you decide to eat.

So you could take the humalog insulin and then probably take out the salad from the freezer, set the table, pour out a glass of fruit juice and then start eating. This is one of the greatest achievements of humalog and it does not stop there. Humalog insulin only works as long as your eating time. Normal insulin will hang around up to 8 hours while humalog insulin will only take about 3.5 hours before it goes away from your body. This is one of the clearest advantages of the medicine in the sense that it sort of syncs with the action time for most meals.

There are even those people who have already praised humalog insulin because they don’t need to be anticipating when their diabetic child will go hungry and demand food. Waiting for half an hour before you get fed is simply unacceptable especially for kids.

Humalog insulin takes care of the waiting and simply allows you to focus on your meal instead of thinking about the fact that you didn’t take your prescribed medicine properly the whole meal.

Humalog insulin is a nice innovation by the medical community and it already has had a wide acceptance of those people who simply do not want the hassle of guessing when they need to take their insulin at any point of the day. With many people already taking it instead of regular insulin, Humalog insulin has become a choice of some diabetics. Simply put, Humalog insulin is a rare sweet deal for a diabetic.



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