Weight Loss In Adulthood Linked To Improved Cardiovascular Health

shutterstock_162827651A recent study has indicated that weight loss at any age during adulthood can have a significant effect on cardiovascular health. This weight loss can yield long-term cardiovascular benefits, even if people gained the weight they lost later on. Findings of the said research are published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.

Researchers from the University College London in the UK analyzed data from the UK Medical Research Council National Survey of Health and Development or NSHD, which involved 1,273 male and female participants. Participants in the said survey were classified in different weight categories in childhood as well as their age at 36, 43, 53 and 60-64 years of age. During the 60-64 age range, the researchers looked into testing for a lifetime exposure to cardiovascular risk factors through fat deposits in the arteries.

The study showed that the longer the adults were exposed to body fats, the greater their risk of developing cardiovascular problems in later life. The researchers were also able to show for the first time that adults who are able to drop to a certain BMI category- from obese to overweight or from overweight to normal weight- at any period during their adult life, may also be able to reduce the cardiovascular risks even if they regain weight.

According to John Deanfield, a professor at the University College London and lead author of the said study, “Our study is unique because it followed individuals for such a long time, more than 60 years, and allowed us to assess the effect of modest, real-life changes in adiposity. Our findings suggest that losing weight at any age can result in long-term cardiovascular health benefits, and support public health strategies and lifestyle modifications that help individuals who are overweight or obese to lose weight at all ages.”

Source: Medical News Today


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