Tips For Kicking a Sweet Tooth Habit

shutterstock_180732140Having a sweet tooth may be common among many people. But the habit can come with consequences. Consuming too much sugar over a certain period can lead to conditions such as obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. The difficult part is that once you have that sweet tooth habit, it may not be that easy to get out of.

Sugar can just be as addicting as cocaine, nicotine or alcohol. Sugar can cause the brain to send reward signals that it can override self-control and become addictive. But there are ways to cope up with your craving for sugar. Here are some of them.

Avoid processed food.

One of the reasons why we have too much consumption of sugar is because of processed foods available in the supermarket. Most of them contain a lot of sugar to make them irresistible and appealing to customers. Cut back on sugar by avoiding processed foods as often as you can. Instead, consider eating more whole foods since they are more natural and less processed.

Understand your sugar craving.

When our bodies crave for sugar, there are some reasons behind it. Strong emotions can sometimes trigger the sugar craving. You also may have such cravings when you are not doing anything. Once you understand how these cravings start, you can try to prevent them from getting the best of you.

Try to avoid or address the emotions that may cause you to overeat or crave for sugary foods. You can try to distract yourself from those cravings by taking a walk or exercise. These cravings can take from 10 to 20 minutes. If you can go through this period doing something else, the cravings will just pass. It takes practice and is easier to do over time. If you do have to satisfy your sweet cravings, choose to eat fruits instead of processed treats. You get a healthier option by eating fruits.

Drink lots of water.

Remember to drink lots of water to try and minimize our sugar cravings. There are times when you think that you are hungry and need to eat. But in fact, you may just be thirsty. Try drinking water first whenever you feel some craving for food. It may just be that your body lacks water.

Mind what you eat.

When you try to eat something, be mindful of the ingredients that they contain. Try to read labels to have an idea of the sugar it contains. But it may not always be that simple. You should also try to know the other terms used for sugar. It can come in different forms and in different names. You also need to understand that “complex” carbohydrates in most processed foods today are no longer complex. They are already refined and can act similar to sugar in your body.

Move more.

A sedentary lifestyle can aggravate your cravings for sugar and food. Moving more through physical activities or exercise can help you burn up stored energy. It can also relieve tension as well as reduce your need for sugar.


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