Top Snacks For Diabetics

shutterstock_165986969People living with diabetes can still lead a normal life. It is all about monitoring and maintaining a steady blood sugar level with the right diet and exercise. People who live under the shadow of diabetes may always feel concerned about what they can and cannot eat. Even those snacks may become something to worry about. Here are some of the more ideal snack options for people with diabetes.

Plain Popcorn

Plain popcorn is an ideal snack option for people with diabetes. But it is important to also be aware that ready-made popcorn may contain too much sugar, butter or salt. Try to make sure that you eat the plain kind. It is a good whole-grain snack rich in fiber and little in carbs. Three cups of plain popcorn only contains around 15 grams of carbs, making it an ideal snack for diabetics. If you life a more buttery popcorn, you can substitute olive oil for butter as a good source of good fats.


Another option for a healthy diabetic snack is nuts. You can have your choice of different nuts to have for snacks, including peanuts and pistachios. A serving is around ten nuts that you can eat. Nuts are considered as a good source of healthy fiber and fat but are low in carbohydrates. Not only do they improve blood fat levels, they can also help curb your appetite without affecting your blood sugar levels.

Greek Yogurt

If you are craving for a sweet snack, Greek yogurt may offer a good option of you have diabetes. It is a good source of protein but contains less sugar compared to other types of yogurt. If you wish to make it sweeter, you can try adding a dash of cinnamon into your Greek yogurt and add some fruits, barriers or walnuts to provide it with a fiber and nutrient boost.

Combine Your Own Trail Mix

A trail mix is a good snack option ideal for diabetics as well. It is usually a combination of grains, nuts and fruit. The only problem is that many store-bought trail mixes usually are high in sugar content. You can instead create your own trail mix snack by combining one-half cup of bran or other whole grain cereals, two tablespoons of raisins and around 12 almonds. Just shake them together to mix them up. You have just created your personal trail mix for an ideal healthy snack.


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