Easy Daily Calorie-Burning Exercises For Diabetics

shutterstock_31617754If you are a diabetic and need to maintain your blood sugar level, diet and exercise both work to help you achieve your target. Some people may find it easier to watch their diet but may sometimes forego exercise because they do not have the time. But it does not always mean heading out to the gym for you to stay fit with exercise. You can instead incorporate daily activity as part of your exercise regimen. Any form of physical exertion will help you get the exercise that you need to control your diabetes. Here are some common daily physical activities that you can consider as exercise.


Going to work daily can become your exercise if you try to include walking as part of your daily routine. Brisk walking for 30 minutes can burn about 200 calories. Even a relaxing walk can burn around 100 calories. Walking down the office block may be a good idea as a daily habit. Taking a walk during the evenings may also be another good idea. That way, you can have a form of exercise without any effort.


If you are fond of biking, then you can also use it as a form of fun physical activity to help you with your condition. About 10 minutes of biking at 15 miles per hour is enough to let you burn 100 calories. If your office is near your home, you can consider biking to work instead of driving. You can also bike around your neighborhood or the nearby park during the evenings.

Kitchen Tasks

You can also incorporate cooking and washing the dishes as part of your daily exercise routine. Cooking or washing the dishes for 20 minutes is enough to let you burn around 100 calories. You can also consider it as part of your exercise routine if you do these tasks every day.


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