How Does Humalog Work

Knowing there is something wrong with your bodily functions can creep one out. Nobody wants feeling sick since everything seems to be an effort. Your activities are limited. One appear imprisoned because of his or her inability to perform.

Diabetes can just do that. A diabetic is pliable to so many complications that sheer disregard of the disease results to further body dysfunctions. Diabetes is mainly caused by high glucose level in the blood due to the lack of insulin. Insulin is the hormone released by the pancreas to break down sugar or glucose which is carried through the blood stream as fuel for body cells.

In the case, the pancreas can no longer produce the essential insulin for the body, external intervention is demanded. Many types of insulin have been produced to address the need of diabetics. One of the few medications used to control high blood sugar is humalog.

Humalog in general, is used for people with diabetes which is taken each time you eat. Humalog serves like the body’s own insulin during mealtime, even reckoned as number one mealtime insulin. Most doctors prescribe humalog to diabetics.

Unlike other types of external insulin, humalog works fast even in over 15 minutes that lasts for a few hours. Also considered to be a rapid acting insulin, humalog acts like the body’s insulin. It lowers the blood sugar so quickly once absorbed in the body.

For anyone and everyone, good control of the body’s sugar level is essential to having a healthy and longer life. Moreover, you will always feel great about yourself once you have your blood sugar in the right track.

What can you enjoy when you take humalog? Though it is inconvenient to go through the rigorous intake and injection of such medication, it is guarantee to a longer life. Diabetes is not something one should toy with or even ignore. It is as much as deadly as heart disease since it webs to several complications even affecting the nervous system. With humalog, patients are guaranteed to bask in convenience. Below are the benefits of taking humalog:

The dosing schedule of humalog is very flexible since it is your choice as which meal you prefer to take the medication.

Having the choice to manage the time of dosage of humalog will lessen your stress when you miss having it in a meal. Thus, you can take your humalog anytime as you want it.

This type of insulin can be taken in small doses just enough to let you go throughout the day without thinking much of your blood sugar.

Most convenient is the production of pre-filled pen humalog that is light weight and most of all pocket size. So if you are on the go, you would never have to worry of missing out taking your dosage.

Humalog, however cannot be taken without any prescriptions from the doctor. It is a prerequisite for you to consult your physician since humalog may or may not be taken along with other insulins. Be sure to talk to your doctor about your needs. Every case of diabetes is different from another. Prescriptions vary for each patient.

When you have diabetes, no one is responsible but you. It is your job to maintain your blood sugar level. Medication can be truly tiring and for some even depressing due to the routine. But you have to always remind and empower yourself to battle with this illness. Try to get more information about diabetes since knowing will eventually lead you to understanding the disease. In doing so, you lay more options in front of you to fight the disease and live as comfortable as you can.


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