Prevent Diabetes Foot Problems

Diabetics are not free from the prison of having infections on the foot. Thus foot care is essential otherwise expect a batch of complications even to the point of amputation.

But what causes complications on the foot? How susceptible are diabetics to foot complication? What can one do to avoid such complication?

One of the other complications brought by diabetes is peripheral neuropathy. It is a condition wherein is causes harm to the nerves specifically in the peripheral nervous system. This part of the nervous system includes the nerves running from the brain to the spinal cord.

It would also include the nerves of the rest of the body. These nerves involve sensations feeling pain, touch and even temperature. When ones experience neuropathy, the patient would feel shooting pain coupled with burning sensations even to the point of just like having frostbites.

There are many causes of neuropathy and one of which is diabetes. Neuropthy in diabetes directly affects the foot precisely because neuropathy can be the grounds for the numbness in the feet along with weakness and pain on the muscles of the legs and feet. Moreover, total skin problem should be expected especially with regard to the sweat glands resulting to dry and cracked skin.

And since diabetes causes other complications such as poor blood circulation and diminished immune system response can add more to foot problems. It is common for diabetics to have skin ulcers, cracked skin and fungal infections and supposing the patient do not take care of this problem, it can worsen to the degree of not being able to cure it.

Diabetics have a hard to cure themselves. Improper foot care can lead in to bone displacement, more so in case of sever circulation can result to amputation. Therefore proper foot care should be taken seriously.

Below are some ways to take care of your foot:

Diabetics should first and foremost start with the control the intake of blood sugar levels. Doing so would reduce the symptoms leading to foot complications.

When the skin looses moisture, the skin start to crack and more often causes fungal infections. Diabetics have slow healing ability. To avoid cracked skin, apply diabetic foot cream as well ointments for toe nails for moisture.

Since there is a deficiency in blood circulation, much attention is demanded in massaging the feet. You can purchase foot rollers or otherwise, massaging with the hands would do.

Diabetics have sensitive skin. In case you have warts or callous on your feet, do not purchase over the counter drugs since these medications are strong enough to cause lesions.

Lastly, use proper socks and shoes. There are socks and shoes specifically for diabetics preventing pressure ulcers, fungal infections, and bone displacement.

There are many ways to prevent foot complications. It is a matter of having the knowledge and will to prevent these complications. Having diabetes poses a lot of complications. The wealth we should treasure must include our health. Knowing the effects of diabetes will give you the heads up so as to preclude other health problems. Paying attention to your health is worthwhile.


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