Healthy Food Choices For DiabeticsĀ 

Those who have to live with diabetes will need to follow strict measures in order to keep their blood sugar levels at bay. Diet plays a big role into any effective diabetes management regimen. Making healthy food choices will help diabetics better manage their blood sugar levels. Here are some options worth considering.


An ideal diet for diabetics should include foods that do not contribute to elevating blood sugar levels. Cucumbers belong in this category. It contains fiber and a good amount of water, making it an ideal food that keeps you stay full and satisfied when made as part of a larger meal.


If you are a diabetic and wish to have a tasty food option, then having an avocado is a must. Its healthy fat content can add flavor and texture to other dishes. Not only that the fats in contain can also help stabilize your blood sugar levels after your meals.

Plain Whole Milk Yogurt

Diabetics are usually careful with what food they eat. The main reason is that it may bring about a spike in blood sugar levels. Foods like milk and yogurt contain a naturally occurring sugar called lactose, which may cause a sugar spike. If you are diabetic and may wish to add a dairy product into your diet, you may consider using whole milk yogurt instead. The fats in whole milk yogurt can act as a buffer to prevent sugar spikes. The fats also help slow down the absorption of lactose, which lead to more sustained energy levels.



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