Unusual Early Signs You May Have Diabetes

Diabetes can be a very worrying condition to have. What makes it even concerning is that most people will not notice that they have it. Here are some of the more unusual early signs that may be brought about by diabetes.

Blurred vision

Diabetes can cause your vision to become blurred. This is a result of high blood sugar levels that can cause the fluid levels in the body to change. This can affect the eyes and can cause the lenses to swell up and diminish its ability to focus. The same thing can also happen when people have very low blood sugar levels as well.

Yeast infections

People with diabetes are also more prone to yeast infections. The high glucose levels in the blood can cause yeast to thrive since their food supply increases. The infections usually happen to any warm and moist areas in the body such as in between the fingers and toes, under the breasts in women as well as in the groin area.

Unexplained weight loss

If you experience weight loss even though you did not have any change in your regular diet, it might be because you have diabetes. When your body develops resistance to insulin, it can affect how glucose in the blood stream is converted into energy. This causes the body to look for other sources of energy such as the muscles and fat to burn. This can lead to weight loss.




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