Warning Signs Of Diabetes

Diabetes is a very tricky condition that can be overlooked by certain people. But the condition does offer warning signs that will indicate that you are diabetic. While diabetes has no known cure yet, early detection can make it easier to for people to effectively manage the disease. Here are some of the warning signs that will tell you that you might have diabetes.

Wounds heal slowly

Diabetes can cause wounds to heal slowly. This is due to the fact that high level of blood sugar can interfere with the flow of blood. This results to gradual nerve damage because of insufficient supply of oxygenated blood in some areas of the body, most notably in the extremities. This in turn, causes certain difficulties in letting the body heal wounds.

Frequent hunger and fatigue

The body makes use of blood glucose in order to produce energy. But it requires insulin in order to convert the glucose into energy. But if the body cannot produce enough insulin or if it resists the insulin that it makes, then the glucose in the blood cannot be used to create energy. This causes the body to feel deprived and triggers hunger signals. The lack of energy also makes diabetics feel tired often.

Dry mouth and itchy skin

When you experience having dry mouth and an itchy skin, it may be one of the early signs of diabetes. When you experience frequent urination as what most diabetics have to go through, you always have that risk of getting dehydrated. You can end up having dry mouth and your skin starts to get itchy due to the lack of water.


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