Initial Diabetes Therapies Before Using Insulin

People diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes have to undergo therapy in order to manage the condition. Some may think that insulin therapy may be the best option available. But there are also various therapies to choose from that type 2 diabetics can consider before they decide on using insulin. Here are some of them.

Weight Management Regimen

One of the effective ways of managing type 2 diabetes is through better weight management. If you are on the obese side and have been diagnosed with the condition, then you might consider following a weight loss regimen consisting of diet and regular exercise to keep diabetes in check. This type of weight management program will offer you a way to adequately control diabetes without the need of additional medication.

Medication Alternatives

Aside from insulin injectables, there are a number of medication alternatives developed to help treat diabetes. Some of them are taken orally so they offer a better option for those diabetics who fear needles. These medications work differently to address diabetes. Taking metformin orally for example, helps address diabetes by decreasing the amount of glucose that the liver can produce. The drug also helps make the muscles more sensitive to insulin. Old school diabetes drug called sulfonylureas is also taken orally. But it helps diabetics by triggering the beta cells in the pancreas to release more insulin.

Combination Therapy

With other medications for treating type 2 diabetes deal with the condition in different ways, it may also be more effective in combining them as a singular treatment alternative to using insulin. With the help of your doctor, you can come up with the best combination of medications to effectively treat diabetes.





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