Lowering Blood Sugar Naturally

People with diabetes need not think that their quality of life will drastically change. Although there are changes to be expected, the impact should not be as serious as one may think. Diabetics can life normal lives if they can effectively manage their blood sugar levels. While there are medications that can help with this, those suffering from diabetes should also know of the natural ways of lowering blood sugar levels. Here are some of them.

Regular Exercise

Physical activity can help lower your blood sugar levels. Not only will it help increase your body’s insulin sensitivity, regular exercise can also help you lose weight, an important factor in trying to reduce the debilitating effects of diabetes. Examples of physical activities ideal for diabetics include biking, hiking, brisk walking, weight lifting, dancing, and more.

Drink Enough Water

Drinking sufficient amounts of water not only quenches your thirst, it can also help lower your blood sugar levels the natural way. Staying hydrated helps rehydrate the blood as well as lower blood sugar levels by flushing out excess blood sugar through urine

Control Carbohydrate Intake

When you eat carbs, the body converts it to glucose. The insulin then moves the glucose to the cells in order to use as fuel. But with diabetics with impaired insulin function, the glucose just accumulates in the blood stream, elevating blood sugar levels. Controlling carb intake can help diabetics better manage their blood sugar levels.




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