Researchers Develop Rub-on Tattoo-like Sensor to Detect Glucose Levels

shutterstock_6656014Diabetics always have an issue with blood sugar testing. Conventional methods require either a urine sample or a prick of a finger to get blood samples for testing. The pain can sometimes prevent diabetics from It is a legitimate issue that make diabetics seek out other similar but less intrusive options. Scientists may now have one in the form of a ultra-thin device that people only need to stick on their skin to detect glucose levels.

Scientists from San Diego led by Joseph Wang have developed an ultra-thin sensor that people only need to stick to their skin like a rub-on tattoo in order to measure their glucose levels. This device then detects the glucose in the fluid found just under the skin through the integration of glucose extraction and electrochemical biosensing.

A previous method made use of a wearable wristband to detect the glucose levels on patients. The researchers found out during preliminary testing that it caused skin irritation and had to discontinue this approach.

Under the new method, preliminary testing showed that the ultra-thin device was able to accurately measure glucose levels on seven healthy volunteers. Through this successful proof-of-concept study, Wang and his colleagues believe that it offers a potential to be a less invasive method for glucose management among diabetics as well as other similar condition such as kidney disease. The results of the study are reported in the ACS journal Analytical Chemistry.

Source: American Chemical Society. (2015, January 14). Tattoo-like sensor can detect glucose levels without painful finger prick. ScienceDaily. Retrieved January 14, 2015 from


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