Can Diet Soda Make You Gain Weight

For some people weight loss is simply not possible. And most of them might actually be right. It may be almost inconceivable granted that people are not careful with what they eat or drink. The majority of those people who cannot lose weight are those people who are either blissfully ignorant about the ill-effects of the food they eat or those who simply do not have enough willpower in them to actually eat the right way. One of the culprits to the obesity and the majority of the overweight people today is "sugar water" or sodas.

The term strikes at the heart of an ignorant binge addict. It is even much more horrifying when people ascribe to it the term "liquid candy". Nutritionists, dietitians as well as parents never had a soft spot for sodas as they completely destroy the nutrition that children and teenagers need to follow. Because of this, the reputation of sodas nowadays is definitely plummeting. There have also been several proposals to run them out of the schools.

There is a louder call to erase sodas out of the lives of people simply because the need to eat better has become a substantial interest to the American people. These drinks are a very significant source of added sugars. The different studies have concluded that sodas essentially make people heftier and compromise their nutrition.

Dr. Camargo who is an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School has suggested that if a person wants to cut back on the calories and lose a fair amount of weight, they should start with the calories. Doing this will not only improve one’s weight but will also trim down the excess sugar that a person with diabetes takes in everyday. This is very significant to people who will have diabetes because gaining weight and obesity is closely linked to the consumption of sodas.

A study conducted be several scientists at a hospital in Boston was able to track 548 children for a total of 19 months. The study which was composed of a fair mix of ethnicities discovered that those children who increased their consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks during the study’s course had slightly higher body mass indexes. These children had a higher tendency to become more obese in the future even after determining those children’s lifestyles such as their level of physical activity.

Clearly the study has already given enough evidence that "liquid sugar" is definitely a bad move for those people who plan to stay healthy and even a worse thing to add and even continue in one’s diet if you are already suffering from diabetes. It will only aggravate the situation and simply accelerate the different complications that accompany this dreaded disease.

Knowing all of this, the choice is left to the consumer. Will you continue to slowly but surely destroy your health by taking these empty calories and increase your chances of becoming obese or will you do the right thing, avoid developing diabetes as much as you can and eliminate these from your diet.