Top Simple Tips For Better Diabetes Control

shutterstock_135242600Diabetes is a disease that currently affects around 26 million Americans and about 356 million more around the world. It is a disease that is expected to affect millions of people more in the coming years. While the said disease may still be incurable, it is possible for most of the people suffering from diabetes to manage their disease and live a more normal life. But it may take some discipline and effort to accomplish. The small things matter for someone trying to manage their disease. Here are some top simple tips that some diabetics can practice to help manage their disease.

Keep A Food Journal

Diet is an important part of diabetes management. Trying to keep track of what you are eating will help you monitor your blood sugar levels better. One of the best ways to do that is by keeping a food journal. Keeping track of the food that you eat is considered as an effective way to lose weight. It helps keep you accountable for what you eat on a regular basis. With a food journal, you are able to read a record of your meals and determine if you need to eat less or more of something.

Go For Regular Mini Walks

If you do not have more time to spend on regular exercise, any form of activity to keep you going will help you better manage your disease. Busy people may not have any regular time to spare for such. That is why they should consider going for mini-walks. These are regular 15-minute walks that one can take on an office or lunch break or after dinner. Studies show that going for mini-walks is effective in improving your body’s blood sugar control for a 24-hour period, similar to taking a 45-minute hike. Going for regular mini-walks can certainly add up and help you better manage your diabetes.

Give Your Feet Some Attention

Managing diabetes is also about looking after your body. Aside from looking after your weight, your feet also need some attention. Diabetes can cause reduced blood flow into the extremities. This can affect how wounds may heal. With diabetes, a cut or sore in the feet that does not heal can easily lead to an infection or even amputation. Try to check your feet for blisters, cuts, sores or wounds regularly. If they do not clear up within a week with regular washing using soap and water or applying antibiotic ointment, contact your doctor immediately to look into it.

Relax More

Stress and diabetes do not match. When you feel stressed out, your body produces certain hormones like cortisol that causes your blood sugar levels to spike up. Avoiding stress will help you control your diabetes better. Spending as little as 10 minutes daily to clear your mind and relax can help you manage your blood sugar levels better. Breathing exercises or positive visualization can be effective ways to help you relax and cope up with stress.


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