Stress A Likely Factor For Developing Diabetes

shutterstock_145005193Too much stress is known to lead to a number of health conditions. Previous studies have linked it to heart disease, hypertension and other illnesses. Recent studies suggest that too much stress may also even be a factor in the development of diabetes as well as autoimmune diseases.

According to Siegfried Miracle Lopez, chief of endocrinology at the Advanced Immunology Center in Hospital Angeles Lomas, recurring stress can trigger diseases such as diabetes, depression, abdominal fat deposition as well as other autoimmune diseases. Stress in itself is not a problem. The body’s ability to fight or flee when faced with certain situations affects the individual in different ways. Changes in the body may occur in such situations, which enables the body to adapt or survive. However, when the stress is a recurring issue, the temporary changes may extend for a longer period, eventually affecting other functions of the body. It may lead to certain immune or hormonal changes.

It is when the body is not able to adapt to the imbalance or changes that can lead to diseases from forming. In the case of type 2 diabetes, the elevation of blood sugar levels causes the stress. When examining diseases, experts look into certain mechanisms that may have triggered it. Experiencing prolonged stress will not give the body time to adapt to the changes that will then worsen the condition.

According to Dr. Miracle Lopez, “Type II diabetes has immune, genetic and environmental components, is a multifactorial disease, thereby in medical schools we are no longer teaching diabetes as a disease but of a group of diseases characterized by glucose elevation, which causes inflammatory processes affecting the organs and immune system disorders that impair circulation, eyes and kidneys,”

“The problem is wanting to stay in our micro universe specialty, missing the right diagnosis, hence arises the need for a multidisciplinary team together of several specialists such as neurologists, endocrinologists, urologists, psychologists, rheumatologists, oncologists , otolaryngologist, to analyze the case at the same time and achieve a better diagnosis and treatment,” the specialist further added.

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